Nick Jelley

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Nick grew up playing sports and knew early on he wanted a career in the fitness industry. After finishing his degree in Leisure Management Nick completed his personal training qualification and gained experience in the industry with the aim to open his own training facility. NIX opened in 2011 and was designed as a strength, conditioning and performance gym with a social environment - where everyone can train like an athlete and achieve their goals. Nick’s goal is to bring the same values to group fitness with XINX.

The programs Nick designs for his PT clients and for XINX classes follow this philosophy. By tailoring athletic training programs Nick helps ensure clients will succeed in meeting their goals.

Nick is also passionate about his own training and is currently following a CrossFit program with the goal of entering a competition by the end of the year.

Ian Knight

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Ian loves to push his classes to the limit – one of his favourite drills is “Death by Prowler” - but he equally believes in getting everyone to meet their individual goals and making adjustments as necessary to ensure the best possible results.

In addition to personal training, Ian is qualified in sports massage and acupuncture and thus recognises injury prevention and recovery are of utmost importance. Ian offers these services at NIX and this autumn he will begin training to become a chiropractor.

Ian is equally committed to his own training and plans to compete in men’s physique within the next 2 years.

Rob Willcocks

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Results. That’s what's underpinned Rob’s 10-year career as a personal trainer and instructor. Rob has worked with a broad range of clients in a variety of settings. From triathletes and bodybuilders to fitness newcomers and from large London gyms to boot camps and boxing classes Rob has extensive experience in the industry. At XINX, Rob loves to get everyone motivated, engaged and taking on new challenges.

As a personal trainer, Rob’s passion lies in body composition transformations. Following guidance from the world’s best transformation coaches, Rob designs highly personalised training and nutrition plans for his clients that will achieve maximum results while supporting optimum health.

Joe Waterfield

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Hard work. Joe believes nothing beats this old school approach to training and pushing boundaries. Joe helps his clients use weightlifting and fitness to break down their mental barriers, so they can reach their full potential. Joe knows from experience that pushing the limits brings transformations, both physically and mentally.

When it comes to his own training, Joe focuses on bodybuilding. Joe combines high-volume hypertrophy and strength training which helps him to focus on form control whilst still moving heavy weights.

Having faced mental health challenges himself Joe believes that his approach to training is important in overcoming obstacles to ensure there are no limitations when it comes to achieving any goal.

In the future, Joe hopes to prepare individuals for bodybuilding competitions and also to encourage others that struggle with their mental health to step out of their comfort zones and to transform with him. Joe is keen to dive deeper into the fitness industry focusing on bodybuilding and body transformations.

Danni Chauhan

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Empowerment - As an Indian female who lifts weights, Danni feels empowered to train in bodybuilding as there is a lack of representation in the fitness industry. Within the Indian community, a muscular body is stigmatized as “not feminine.” Danni is looking to break away from these stereotypes and work to empower everyone who enters the gym no matter what differences they have.

As a trainer Danni tailors her programs to her clients’ preferences but always loves training that focuses on high volume – high reps, high sets with minimal rest – as it pushes clients out of their comfort zone and HIIT training as the intensity creates a sweat and buzz like no other training style can!

Danni’s goals this year include challenging herself and testing her versatility by joining Team NIX to compete at the National Fitness Games.