Xinx Training


Sessions that specifically focuses on strength training, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning.
Classes throughout the week for those of all levels and abilities. Get stronger at Xinx.


Improve your overall strength and conditioning with Xinx. Sessions specifically designed to progressively make you stronger.

Learn a range of movements from body weight strength training to Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.



Learn weightlifting movements including; barbell squats, deadlift, power clean, push press and so much more.

Weightlifting is one of the most effective ways of building muscle and burning calories.

All sessions are programmed and taught by our team of professional instructors in an encouraging and relaxed environment.


In short Metabolic Conditioning uses specific exercises to improve the body’s efficiency to maximise calorie burn both during and after your workout.

The workouts are quicker but much more concentrated than a typical cardio or strength training workout.


XINX Training classes are available at the following times:

MON 6:30PM
TUE 6:00AM & 5:30PM
WED 6:30PM
THU 6:00AM & 5:30PM

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